What is CycleOn?

Cycling helps seniors stay healthier, more social, and more self-reliant for longer. At the same time, seniors are also vulnerable in traffic. The Doortrappen (cycle on in English) program, an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, ensures that seniors can continue to cycle safely for as long as possible, or 'cycle safely until you're 100'. The coordination of Doortrappen lies with the ministry, and the program is carried out by the provinces and municipalities with the collaboration of partners such as VVN, VeiligheidNL, BOVAG, Fietsersbond, and many others.


Showcasing CycleOn

The program CycleOn has been advocating for the bicycle safety of seniors since 2018. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the initiatives taking place in the Netherlands, the reasons behind our actions, and the partners involved in the program.

If you would like to learn more about CycleOn, click the button below to download the ECF (European Cycling Federation) Report about the program.

 Download ECF report 




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